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The WIHV Approach

WIHV identifies the ground-breaking approaches that address gaps in our health care system. We support solutions that make care more convenient, more effective, and less costly to deliver.

We consult on a wide array of projects, from evaluating the latest apps that aim to help patients manage and monitor their diabetes, to new ways of communicating with patients to see if health care providers can help patients continue with medications and rehab after a heart attack. In our work we focus on:

  • Evaluating and testing new ways of delivering health care in the real world, we are identifying the ground-breaking approaches that can tackle the challenges of the present and the future..
  • Working to spread and scale successful models of care across the entire health care system.
  • Working with policy makers to support uptake of evidence-based solutions in health care.
We draw on our talent

Our Advice

For many organizations operating outside of the health care system, it can seem like a black box. Not having the right information can hold up the design of a new digital health tool or model of care that could be beneficial to providers and/or patients.

At the same time, leaders working inside the health care system may not have the time to invest in deciding which tools to use and how to properly integrate them in clinics and hospitals.

With each project we take on, we look to make sure that new tools or models of care align closely with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim framework, ticking each of these boxes:

Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);
Improving the health of populations; and
Reducing or holding the per capita cost of healthcare constant.


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